Thursday, March 31, 2011

Track Meet II and III

Meet II

Meet II

For the last 2 weeks Hunter has run the 1600 and the 2400 which just so happen to be the first and LAST event. He packs a snack to eat and hangs out in the stands in between while we go home and rest our eyes from all the hard work of watching him run 1.5 miles! Then we come back at the end and watch him run the mile.

While he pushing through the pain I'm in the stands with this sweet thing, playing with ring bops.

Hunter in "Beast Mode"

She's my go-to girl when I want to try out gift ideas. I take her critique very seriously:)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring "No" Break .....Yet

I've always had the opinion that house work kills. We're doing a little housekeeping today before we get in the full swing of Spring Break.

Ours is not a happy home :(

Oh, Joe's happy. It's a BEAUTIFUL day. He has his play clothes on and is playing in the dirt. Life is good!

It's the spirit of our children we are killing by not providing them with the rest they so desperately need.

Friday, March 11, 2011

He Wrote A Sonet

Drew turned this in as an English project today, worried he's written too many papers about band.

I open my black case, and reach inside,
My hands close around a shiny object.
Quickly I attach the bell to the slide.
I twist the mouthpiece so it won’t eject.

My trombone is put together at last.
I hold the cold brass up against my face,
I take a deep breath and let a note blast.
Playing my trombone is my happy place.

My trombone and I have been through a lot,
In marching band we didn’t make the show,
Nevertheless we worked hard for a spot.
Us two have been friends since long ago.

Gently I unscrew its slide from its bell.
And put my trombone back in its black shell.

He has come such a long way since the end of 5Th when he found out he has perfect lips to play the trombone. Which was not he 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice. He had taken drum lessons in hopes of playing percussion.

His whole 6Th grade year his trombone made it no farther than the back door, where he would drop if off in the afternoon and pick it up in the morning. Everything started "clicking" when try-outs for 7Th grade band started. To this day he has regret about not practicing enough and asks us why we didn't push him more. Like he would have listened!

Fast forward to 9Th grade and band is ALL he talks about. He can take any subject and turn it into a topic about band.

Summer band can't get here fast enough!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Track Meet #1

Hunter's first track meet was yesterday. He ran in the mile and 1.5 mile. Which happened to be to first and last event! The temp swung high and very low. He came in 4Th in the 1.5 mile and somewhere in the middle for the mile. Good Job Hunter!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Redneck Pole Vaulting

It's track season and Hunter being the dedicated athlete that he is practices at home. In the backyard, with PVC pipes, folding chairs, really nice pillows from his BED and the pole we use to attach skimmer baskets to for the pool. It's like a scene from the rugrats where, in their mind, they're at the Olympics but reality it's just their back yard.

They look so happy, who would tell them different.