Friday, August 29, 2008

This One's for You Mr. F.!

Last night we went to the first HS football game of the season.

We lost 27-17 :(

But it was still a great night. The weather wasn't too hot, the kids ran around
and I gave myself the self appointed job of photographing this guy- #32

He's my sweet friends brother. She's with her friend No-No.

Wondering why there's no pictures of our kids?
I never saw them, the whole time we were there.
That's progress my friends, when we can go to an event as
a family and the kids ask, "Do we have to sit with you?"
To our delight we say, "NOOOOOO!" Then they scatter!

I taped 3 plays- there would have been 4, Mr. F.
But, your lovley wife didn't tell me until the last second
that he was on the field. Please have a talk with her!

In full disclosure, I was not there for the whole game
and he was in some plays before I got there.

It's not your eyes, it does blury

Da' Band

Is he going in, Is he going in

Monday, August 25, 2008

Welcome the the 60's!/5th Grade Recognition

At the end of every year our Elementary school lets the 5th
graders put on a talent show. This was Baby Bears performance:
a song from the move "HairSpray"

My girl is 3rd from the left with the long blonde hair he's ALWAYS wanted!

My sweet friend and one of the "Dynamites"

Hannah Montana Wanna-be


Dark but worth the look

I made these programs and my boy is PLAYING with ours!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's easier to beg for forgivness than ask permission

Our house is divided. Baby Bear & I LOVE all things cell phone. Papa Bear & Teen Bear could care less. But lately even Teen Bear has been saying, "Mom, I think we need to get another cell phone". This is a HUGE admission for him. Several times I have forced him to take mine or Papa Bear's phone. Guess what happened? I washed both of them within a matter of weeks. I liked my phone, really liked it! I bought a replacement on ebay that from the picture I liked, but in person was UGLY! So today Baby Bear & I decided to throw caution to the wind and beg for forgiviness when we bought these:
Can you guess who's is who's?
It's the little things that make him happy.

Why no picture of Teen Bear, because he still really doesn't care!

Per your request- There has been mention that Goldie doesn't exist.
She does. She's just too busy to talk.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Boy Scout Camp June '08

I know, I know for those of you who faithfully come to our site everyday I've been an absentee blogger. Teen Bear and I have been hiding out, sad that summer is almost over!

While baby bear and this friend went to the Alamo and San Antonio.

But, I'm back ready to tell more stories and Teen Bear is making a video
of our talents, look for that soon! And school starts Monday, look for pics of HAPPY kids!

This summer Papa Bear and I have enjoyed not 1, but 2 weeks without kids.
Crazy I know, how do we survive! The first week was to a boyscout
camp 180 miles west.

Happy Campers

Papa Bear drove a group up and then came

home to spent a fun week with me.

Car party

More fun!

They look happy right? That's what Papa Bear PROMISED me.

That I had Nothing to worry about, the kids are fine.

He was half right. Everything was going great

until this one called home.... Upset

Begging to come home. So I did want any Mother would do. Jump in the car drive like a bat-out-of hell to pick Papa Bear up at go rescue Baby Bear. When I got there guess what Papa Bear said? 2 guesses. He's said "NO,We are not going to pick him up!" That right there was the recipe for unhappiness for the rest of our week.

All I could think about was this face hot, unhappy and wanting his own bed.

It was almost more than I could stand. Because all us Moms know our kids ALWAYS "save the drama for their Mama's!" It's not that he can't be away from home, he can. He just doesn't like to be uncomfortable. The next week he went with a friend and his family for 2 days and nights to a waterpark and he told them what a GREAT time he had a C.A.M.P.!!!!!!!

The look of someone who had a great time and
wants to go back as a camp counselor

This is the look of someone who prefers the Marriott and room service

PS- Only 5 of the 45 kids in the troop completed the requirements
for the 1 mile swim award-ours were 2 of the 5!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Inside a teenager's mind - Saturday Edition

I have BIG THOUGHTS in my head. My parents think I'm crazy.
By day I'm a regular smart person, but by night fall I am a party animal.
I turn on the T.V. and stay up very late ...mohoho
Click link....

Friday, August 15, 2008


Ever heard of the term "staycation"? A staycation is when you take a vacation, but stay home. That's what Papa Bear is doing this week. He's been off all week hangin' with the us. Can I just's been an adjustment. Do you know how hard it is to cover up the fact that this:

goes on until AT least noon!

sometime longer-

The secret life of a teenager

Monday Papa Bear ran my "Desperate Housewife" errands. We all have colds and since he felt the best we nominated him. Plus, he was looking for reasons to drive his new ride.

Tuesday we went to a waterpark with the youth group

Baby Bear found $10 in the bathroom

Papa Bear, Teen Bear & friend

Baby Bear's "before" picture

$8 worth of delicious dippin' dots

Wednesday? A blurrrrrrr. What did we do? Isn't that what every husband asks.

Thursday Papa Bear took Baby Bear to get these:

and run more errands. Afterward he came home got in bed, covered his head and said "Can't I have 30 seconds of peace!" He reset to 30 second clock every time he was interrupted.

Today, Friday, Papa Bear left early to go do his own thing. Now we can get back to this:

Peace through out the land

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Still figuring this blog thing out.

There is a new post after "P.A. the Summer Intern". I don't know how it came after, but it did!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

P.A. The Summer Youth Intern

This is P.A. our Youth Summer Intern at Church- this is his last week.
He's going back to school at St. Edwards in Austin

Nothing says Goodbye like a trip to a waterpark!

Sunday night the youth gave him a goodbye party. P. A. has many "looks"-the
theme was to come as your favorite. Teen Bear chose P.A. of the future.

In the future P.A. is CEO of the world and a multibizzionaire,
he wears his PJs to work. He's also a Jedi with a Winnie the
Pooh tie. And a tuxedo shirt.

Like my Madalion?

Teen Bear says, "It's beard growing season in the south."

Everyday P. A.

Also, everyday P.A. Notice the red carpet?

His Royal enterance

Can you feel the love?

More love


He and our Awesome Youth Director K. Sang a song in tribute of the
summer and all it's activites. Get out your hankies and click below.

PS- If you're wonder where Baby Bear was- He was at home too tired to come.

Bubble Wrap

In 2001 Papa Bear started commuting to work 35 miles each way on a
very busy and very fast toll way. At the time he was driving a
Honda Accord and driving 6 miles to work,
never getting on a freeway. His car had not one air bag!

It has always been REALLY important to me, that he is uber safe…
Bubble Wrapped as I refer to it.

So we searched for the most perfect Volvo…a car
that would bubble wrap Papa Bear. This is what we found:

He loved his Volvo, I loved his Volvo. But, as everyone knows…all good things must come to an end. Papa Bear has a laundry list of things that need fixin’ and our kids that once swam in the back seat with tons of room, now look like sardines.

So… This is the new look of Bubble Wrap

Baby Bear says it's HIS favorite new car

Pretty isn't it?

So this has pretty much been my dream week. Two new cars! My love for all things car embarrasses Snow White. Lumpy and I unknowingly surf the same websites.
Papa Bear's truck was bought on ebay at one that we both frequent.