Tuesday, August 12, 2008

P.A. The Summer Youth Intern

This is P.A. our Youth Summer Intern at Church- this is his last week.
He's going back to school at St. Edwards in Austin

Nothing says Goodbye like a trip to a waterpark!

Sunday night the youth gave him a goodbye party. P. A. has many "looks"-the
theme was to come as your favorite. Teen Bear chose P.A. of the future.

In the future P.A. is CEO of the world and a multibizzionaire,
he wears his PJs to work. He's also a Jedi with a Winnie the
Pooh tie. And a tuxedo shirt.

Like my Madalion?

Teen Bear says, "It's beard growing season in the south."

Everyday P. A.

Also, everyday P.A. Notice the red carpet?

His Royal enterance

Can you feel the love?

More love


He and our Awesome Youth Director K. Sang a song in tribute of the
summer and all it's activites. Get out your hankies and click below.


PS- If you're wonder where Baby Bear was- He was at home too tired to come.

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