Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bubble Wrap

In 2001 Papa Bear started commuting to work 35 miles each way on a
very busy and very fast toll way. At the time he was driving a
Honda Accord and driving 6 miles to work,
never getting on a freeway. His car had not one air bag!

It has always been REALLY important to me, that he is uber safe…
Bubble Wrapped as I refer to it.

So we searched for the most perfect Volvo…a car
that would bubble wrap Papa Bear. This is what we found:

He loved his Volvo, I loved his Volvo. But, as everyone knows…all good things must come to an end. Papa Bear has a laundry list of things that need fixin’ and our kids that once swam in the back seat with tons of room, now look like sardines.

So… This is the new look of Bubble Wrap

Baby Bear says it's HIS favorite new car

Pretty isn't it?

So this has pretty much been my dream week. Two new cars! My love for all things car embarrasses Snow White. Lumpy and I unknowingly surf the same websites.
Papa Bear's truck was bought on ebay at one that we both frequent.


Anonymous said...

Love the new vehicle, need one side by side to see them both. Bonding Time!

Mo said...

Joe has a pick up truck????????????What happened to that kid that bought himself a red convertible mustang???? mo