Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Parents Weekend

It's not just for college kids anymore :) Our Mom's blessed us with a visit last week and we did a TON of fun stuff. After picking them up at the airport our first stop was lunch at Yia Yia Mary's , so good!

Our football game was Thursday night.

Joe, his Mom and Hunter

Our Happy Drew, he REALLY didn't want to have his picture taken. He was trying his best to hide it, I think he did well. You can barely tell........

Friday we headed for a drive in the country to Round Top. We ate lunch here, my Mom and I shared a shrimp BLT and each had a mug of Chicken Corn Chowder. We thought it went better with Joe's Jalapeno cheese soup, so we mixed the two together. We were right!

Everyones knows when you're out to lunch you have to stop by a cute shop, so we did! The Apotheacary doesn't disappoint!

Then if all that wasn't enough, Joe indulged my wander lust and went in search of this and came up with this too!

Saturday Drew and Hunter marched in their UIL Region 27 Marching Contest. The band did great getting all ones for the 22nd consecutive year.

Saturday night we celebrated Hunter's birthday at one of our all time favortie restaurants, Shogun

Sunday we said Goodbye to Joe's Mom and headed to Austin. First stop was UT to check out a sweet friend's dorm.

My Mom and I have read about and seen this airstream/foodtruck for years and have wanted to visit! Only problem, there was a 45 minute wait once you placed your order:(

We had lunch at The Oasis, which has beautiful views and even better company! Coming and going we always stop here!

Monday the guys went back to work and school:( My Mom and I headed to Pappadeaux's for lunch and of course more shopping :)

For dinner we tried a new recipe. It was a hit....for those who ate it!

And finally today was my Mom's last day, we squeezed in one more restaurant. This time we went with an urban theme and headed downtown to The Bombay Pizza Company which was AWESOME! And because we have that go-to-a-cute-store-after-you-eat rule. We crossed the street and went to CVS and bought some killer lotion that makes your hands sooooo smooth!

It was a great visit and we can't wait to do it again!

PS I think our dogs will miss Grandmas the most!

Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Not Easy Being Green

Once upon a time.....Drew took a chance and shared his green friend with the world by taking him to MYF.

The trio on the far left of the couch are leading the group in Praise and Worship. It moved Drew's friend so much he sat up. I think the guy on the far end would like to trade places with him. Laying on the floor, that is, covered up in a green morph suit.

The evening ended with an outside prayer at dusk. And everyone one went home, had quaintly time with their parents, got in bed at a decent time, and lived happily ever after. The End.

Drew and his friend being green of another kind:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Katy Marching Invitational Festival

Say that fast 5X, Katy Marching Invitational Festival,Katy Marching Invitational Festival,Katy Marching Invitational Festival,Katy Marching Invitational Festival,Katy Marching Invitational Festival

Saturday was one of those all band all day days. The schedule went like this:

7:00am - Call Time which means get there 30 minutes early always
8:15am -Load - Shower - Eat
9:15am - Depart for Rhodes Stadium
11:15am - Warm Up
12:00 - Perform
1:30pm - Return Langham
2:30pm - Arrive Langham - Down time until we leave for game
4:00pm - Leave for Pridgeon
5:00pm - Arrive Pridgeon
6:00pm - Cy Falls Game
10:30pm - Approximate Pick Up time

The game got rained on and the band loaded up early leaving a few instruments to entertain the crowd and support the team. After the game Drew headed to IHOP with a group and Hunter came home and went to bed!

Here's the results for their performance:

Congratulations to the Langham Creek Lobo Marching Band. This past Saturday our band competed in the Katy ISD Invitational Marching Festival and earned a 1st Division trophy for their performance. In competition with 17 other Class 5-A bands from Cy-Fair, Fort Bend, Houston ISD, Katy, Tomball, and Spring Branch school districts our Color Guard was named the "Outstanding Color Guard" of the contest and our Drum Majors Michael Greenberg and Katy Bertlshofer were named "Outstanding Drum Majors of the contest. The band also took 1st place honors in the Ensemble and Individual Marching Captions and our "Lobo Marching Band" earned 1st place overall and were named the Class 5 -- A Champion of the Contest. Congratulations Lobo Band!

I was so grateful they had nothing to do but rest on Sunday until I say Hunter's facebook status, IM SO BORED IM GUNNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just when I thought it was all too much for them, they once again proved my wrong. It's too much for me! They love being busy and aren't going to know what to do with themselves after marching season!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


One word, it's all you need to ask a girl to homecoming. Homecoming?

Here's the 411. It can be very involved and require several steps. But can be Lot's of fun and stress free if you're a guy and have a Mom who'll take care of everything...... Love ya, Drew and Hunter :)

First, if you're a guy, you have to decide if you want to go. I don't know if for girls that's ever a question. Then who to ask, in our case it was easy.

Now for the tricky/fun/what is everyone else doing, how to ask her part.

Hunter's girlfriend is in the Lobo drum line and likes penguins. He put yellow sticky notes on his drum set saying Homecoming? and finished with giving her a pillow pet penguin.

Drew has a love of road reflectors. He wrote Homecoming? on one and gave it his girlfriend when she was over watching a movie.

Other friends we know decorated yards and bedrooms.

Next step, the mum! Which I have come to love and really want to make next year. The Thursday before the game/dance guys and girls exchange mums/garters and wear them the next day to school. I'm kicking myself, everyone was here that night and I didn't get ONE picture....I forgot!

But we were ready Saturday night! Hunter left first. They opted to do something just the two of them and had dinner at a sushi place. Which means Hunter really likes her, because he doesn't like sushi!

Is was fun seeing them dressed up:) Can you see their "band tans"?

Drew and his girlfriend went with a group and had Italian. When he heard where they were going, he said he'd probably get food all over himself. His girlfriend told him she'd bring a tide to-go pin, take him to a bathroom men's or woman's, it didn't matter, and clean him up, funny stuff!

Me? Homecoming? You betcha!