Tuesday, October 11, 2011


One word, it's all you need to ask a girl to homecoming. Homecoming?

Here's the 411. It can be very involved and require several steps. But can be Lot's of fun and stress free if you're a guy and have a Mom who'll take care of everything...... Love ya, Drew and Hunter :)

First, if you're a guy, you have to decide if you want to go. I don't know if for girls that's ever a question. Then who to ask, in our case it was easy.

Now for the tricky/fun/what is everyone else doing, how to ask her part.

Hunter's girlfriend is in the Lobo drum line and likes penguins. He put yellow sticky notes on his drum set saying Homecoming? and finished with giving her a pillow pet penguin.

Drew has a love of road reflectors. He wrote Homecoming? on one and gave it his girlfriend when she was over watching a movie.

Other friends we know decorated yards and bedrooms.

Next step, the mum! Which I have come to love and really want to make next year. The Thursday before the game/dance guys and girls exchange mums/garters and wear them the next day to school. I'm kicking myself, everyone was here that night and I didn't get ONE picture....I forgot!

But we were ready Saturday night! Hunter left first. They opted to do something just the two of them and had dinner at a sushi place. Which means Hunter really likes her, because he doesn't like sushi!

Is was fun seeing them dressed up:) Can you see their "band tans"?

Drew and his girlfriend went with a group and had Italian. When he heard where they were going, he said he'd probably get food all over himself. His girlfriend told him she'd bring a tide to-go pin, take him to a bathroom men's or woman's, it didn't matter, and clean him up, funny stuff!

Me? Homecoming? You betcha!

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