Saturday, August 16, 2008

Inside a teenager's mind - Saturday Edition

I have BIG THOUGHTS in my head. My parents think I'm crazy.
By day I'm a regular smart person, but by night fall I am a party animal.
I turn on the T.V. and stay up very late ...mohoho
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Anonymous said...

Hi, I finally got to see your blog. Goldilocks, you did a great job setting this up. But, I didn't see any pictures of you.

It was great to see you guys on this site. Please don't forget to include some pictures of you.

Love, Mom

Snow White said...

MUST POST SOMETHING NEW......I'm dying over here! If you don't post something new, I will be forced to do something productive, like laundry for heaven's sake, please don't make me have to do that.

mo said...

hey, i agree with your mom. there are no pics of you!!!!

great pic of the teen baby bear. (i'm referring to the top pic).

nice job! this is the first blog i've ever been to. i wondered what the heck a "blog" was.