Friday, August 15, 2008


Ever heard of the term "staycation"? A staycation is when you take a vacation, but stay home. That's what Papa Bear is doing this week. He's been off all week hangin' with the us. Can I just's been an adjustment. Do you know how hard it is to cover up the fact that this:

goes on until AT least noon!

sometime longer-

The secret life of a teenager

Monday Papa Bear ran my "Desperate Housewife" errands. We all have colds and since he felt the best we nominated him. Plus, he was looking for reasons to drive his new ride.

Tuesday we went to a waterpark with the youth group

Baby Bear found $10 in the bathroom

Papa Bear, Teen Bear & friend

Baby Bear's "before" picture

$8 worth of delicious dippin' dots

Wednesday? A blurrrrrrr. What did we do? Isn't that what every husband asks.

Thursday Papa Bear took Baby Bear to get these:

and run more errands. Afterward he came home got in bed, covered his head and said "Can't I have 30 seconds of peace!" He reset to 30 second clock every time he was interrupted.

Today, Friday, Papa Bear left early to go do his own thing. Now we can get back to this:

Peace through out the land


Snow White said...
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Snow White said...

HahA! Congrats on surviving one week's worth of hubby Staycation. Here's to Monday mornings (cheers).

(Oops---I posted that previous comment before I was done with it so it published half finished...hence the deletion.......)

mo said...

great smile of hunter's new braces! trust he is feeling better now.