Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday- Both boys went to Halloween parties. Papa Bear and Lumpy got together for their annual drink beer/pass out candy party while I stayed home passed out candy and watched a movie. The camera ran out of battery- that's why there's no pictures of baby bear-he dressed as Canadian Man. I'm SURE he'll dress up again and when he does I'll post pictures. This is bubblewrap man.

Saturday- Football practice and Varsity football game. #32 twisted his ankle and lost..badly.

Sunday- I sang at church, which felt great. I've sat out the past few months because of busy schedules and Papa Bear being gone. Sunday evening we celebrated a dear friends birthday at a local brewery.

These guys didn't have any fun.

And Lily got a boyfriend. She wouldn't stop kissing Lumpy. I guess she goes for that "just come from a bar type". Hope your weekend was good too!

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