Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Say it ain't so..........

The leak is back! Thanks to a drip pan that is too small.

Exhibit A-
Drip pan access through my closet. Thank goodness there's no water leaking onto my expansive irreplaceable wardrobe. The drip pan is the lighter grey thingy at the bottom. You can see the small cut along the bottom where it meets the white baseboard-that's were the "water" comes in or out rather. If the drip pan was the right size it would come half away up the side of the shower- do you see it's only a few inches.

Exhibit B-
My new best friend Mark fixing another problem. One of our shower heads is leaking too!

Exhibit C-
The leaky bad parts

Exhibit D-
Me and Mark bonding- he's going to be here alot in the next few weeks- Hope I don't get on his nerves too much. I'm going to be taking alot of pictures. Bring you "A" game Mark.

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