Monday, January 4, 2010


They came for the Mizzou Bowl game-we think it was just an excuse to see us. It was our first time meeting Adog, who was delightful. Our dogs loved him and he obliged. I guess they smelt of his doggy-ness. Here's a sweet Little montage of their visit-hurry back....the hot tub is Hot and the beer is Cold!

While downloading pictures I came across this picture- what a "Renaissance Man" seriously- how often do you see a guy in the kitchen? I've heard he goes into the wilderness to hunt, then comes home and cooks up the prize. Word on the street is that his turkey leg soup is epic.

Proof he hunts- Reindeer on the wall! Nice picture K/C. You can write the caption.

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Snow White said...

I loved meeting Adog! Kat was charming, as always:-) yes, I think they used the game just as an excuse to see yall:-)