Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mind the Gap

........a British term warning to train passengers of the gap between the train door and the station platform.

A few weeks ago Joe and I taught Junior High Sunday School and the theme "Mind the Gap" fit perfect. We thought, planned, prayed. OK, I planned, Joe bought the Do-nuts:) both equally important. I really thought I had a lesson that was out of the box. In other words, I brought it.

We talked about what stands between us and God. EVERY TIME I asked a question...they had "the" answer.....How do we get to God...Jesus. How many brownie point does is take to get to heaven....Zero. Can you earn your way What is undeserved gift. If I work in a soup kitchen everyday for the rest of my life.....does it make me a better Christian....No.

I guess they brought it too! They're makin'em smarter these days! We're going to talk "feelings" next, can't wait.

Oh, and we sang my new favortire song Hold Us Together by Matt Maher.

Drew minding his gap-the pins on his sport coat say "Bring Conan back fall 2010".