Friday, April 30, 2010

On This Day in History

This steeple for our new church was set in place. A friend and I had a picnic and watched.

Afterward, I went grocery shopping, picked Drew and Hunter up from school-along with a few other friends, came home and made "first dinner"-that's a topic for another post. Just watching those guy work wore me out! I needed some rest time- plus, I could hear the kids outside in the pool/hot tub and they sounded happy.

It wasn't until Joe came home asking for the camera to take pictures of them that I thought-maybe I should look out the window. But I didn't, I rolled over and enjoyed the solitude. Besides, they were playing, I could hear them, no one was hurt, they were laughing, singing everything from "Jesus Loves Me" to Lady Antebellum and everything in between. Then I saw the pictures.

Ryan- is that you? I didn't even know you were here!

Where's Kody? He WAS here, I thought.

Moral to the story is, I may not know your kid is here, but as long as they're happy and no one's crying- It's ALL Good!

PS- They've left the "hot tub time machine" and are in the house playing their instruments. As for me, Joe and I are in our hide out until it blows over- it's a good Friday night :)

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