Friday, May 7, 2010

He did the Hoooookey Pokey

or at least in my mind he did. Tonight was the 8th grade dance. Drew fancied up with the help of his stylist Hunter, and went with a sweet girl M.

Hunter was so patient with him and took great pride and care of his hair and appearance. He even taught him how to swing his head just right so as to get his hair to lay just so. Unfortunately, Drew doesn't have the interest in his hair like Hunter does.

"The Untouchables"

After the dance-he had had enough of that tie; two hours is way too much fancy time for a guy whose uniform is tee shirts and cozy shorts.

Our son is so talented, isn't she lucky to be with him?

Off to the after party......Cheers to Junior High.


Melissa P said...

Drew looks so handsome... and yes... any girl would be lucky to have him for a date!

Snow White said...

OMG! He looks so dapper!!!!