Monday, September 13, 2010

One at a Time Please

A and I talk alot about having too many things in a row and how we only have capacity to do one thing at a time. Meaning one activity- rest, another-rest, another rest. Rest as in, a day in between. This weekend I had 3 things in one day! Daunting.

Saturday morning started EARLY with 438 chairs being delivered to our new church.

Afterward, Joe, Drew and I went our separate ways. Joe to work, Drew to band practice, me to "Shop 'til your drop". They drew the short end of the stick. The craft show was great. I found several Christmas presents and the "it" reproducible gift I'm excited to make.

The day ended with a Drew having his gf over for a movie and Joe and I having dinner date and some of this yummy white sangria drink.

Sunday was another EARLY morning. We passed out "cry towels" at Reliant as a band fundraiser. I lucked out and got an inside job- the others not so lucky. The heat index was 105- someone in our group passed out!

Joe saw Payton Manning's back before he ran through the tunnel.

Drew is now in constant marching mode- always walking backward.

Afterward, we ate lunch and of course rested! It was after all, the Sabbath- Drew kept reminding us. I know, I know you need an abacus to keep up with all the "activities"-said in the Voice of Will Ferrell from Step-brothers.

Next up, Drew and Hunter go to MFY. When it's over,Drew calls and said he's not coming home. Nice-he has an errand to run and something important to pick up.

Hunter and I get in the car to be loving and do it for him. Hunter turns to me and says, "I feel like I haven't done anything this weekend." He's right, his calender was wide open! Here's a sneak peek of what we got-

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Andrea said...

OH.MY.GAWD. How in the world did you do all that......that many things in a row would take me a WEEK to recover from.........I'm exhausted just reading it and I have to go sit down.