Friday, October 8, 2010

Home Fun

School has taken to calling homework "home fun". There's only one class Hunter has no problem doing his homework.....BAND! I found this "home fun" assignment on the printer, appropriately titled "tuba King".

It was a semi-cold dry Saturday morning, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I waited months for this day and I just couldn’t mess it all up here. I walked into the school where the event was being held, where it smelled like valve oil mixed with the smell of new reeds. It was the region band audition; region band is where the top performing bands in the entire district all audition to form a super band!

The pressure was on, I’ve spent half of my year proving to my teachers I was good but now it was the final countdown. I was shaking like a Chihuahua in Antarctica. It was about time to go to the room where each tuba player would show off they’re skills in front of three judges. My heart was racing and I could barley hold my tuba. Then we finally got into the room; there were tubas all around. We each got a letter of the alphabet to show who goes first starting with “a”. Luckily I wasn’t first. Then the director started to explain the rules of region band I heard the words “You may now practice” come out of his mouth, immediately everyone started playing and it sounded like a toilet flushing. After that I was pumped! I anxiously waited my turn to “wow” the judges then at last it was my turn. I held my tuba high and with pride. I slowly put my face to my slightly warm mouthpiece as the taste of victory flew in my mouth. I played my heart out; pleased with the way I played I walked back to my seat where I sat patiently waiting to leave.

At last we came out of the room. It seemed like years before they announced who made what chair, but finally they started to go through a few names, yet non of them were mine. Depressed I started putting my tuba back in the case then something stopped me the man announcing the names finally said mine! I screamed with joy and all the adrenaline in the world started to flow through my veins.

Last night was his fall concert....for you listening pleasure.

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