Thursday, April 28, 2011

Something I Can Never Say To My Husband.....

On the momentous occasion of the Royal Wedding, I can never say, "Honey, Can we go to London?" Cause I've been there! Almost 16 years to the day. Joe and I along with his parents went to London the week of American Mothers Day, May 14. Exactly two months to the day I became a Mother:)

Buckingham Palace

Big Ben

London Bridge

Windsor Castle

Tea at the Browns

Westminster Abby

We rented a "flat" in Chelsea and hit all the "tourist" hot spots. We went to plays, castles, churches and ate at McDonald's! Joe's favorite story is that I took a $30+ taxi to the closest Dunkin Donuts, which happened to be in Piccadilly Circle, and made the cab driver wait while I got my donuts. Maybe that's why Drew loves donuts so much.

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