Monday, July 11, 2011

A Blind Man Would Have Been Glad To See it......

Hunter was very doubtful of our vacation, he thought all we were going to do was "look at things". Lucky for Drew and Hunter, Joe researched fun things to do in Orlando and came up with this........

Day 2 We headed for Kennedy Space Center, the reason for the trip, to see the last shuttle launch. The launch was scrubbed so we enjoyed the exhibits.

Drew and Hunter scored 4 free tickets to IMAX showing of "Transformers-Dark Side of the Moon" a day ahead of its opening....

Day 3 DAYTONA!!!!

NASCAR'S biggest fan, standing at the finishing line

FYI, it's not the one in the Grizzly t-shirt.

Standing at an 18 degree incline, you need to go 95 mph to stick to the track. Daytona wins the award for the best BBQ of the trip at Woody's.

Day 4, St. Augustine, The oldest continually occupied city in the US

Turning back the clock and the "Fountain of Youth"

Day 5 Savannah, Georgia We took a breath and spend a few days in one spot. This our second time, the first was ALL about Paula Deen.

This time we explored the 24 beautiful and the houses that surrounded them. This house was the first in Savannah to have electricity and is said to be haunted.

John and Charles Wesley, founders of the Methodist church opened their first first in US church in Savannah.

Don't think we forgot about Paula Deen, we ate at The Lady & Sons' and her brother's resturant "Uncle Bubba's" and did a little stalking, that's the roof of her house in the middle of the picture.

On the way out of town we stopped at Harbor Town, Hunter was collecting golf balls for a sweet friend.

Day 8 Charleston, South Carolina

We went to Fort Sumter, looked at more historic Mansions, celebrated the 4th of July and ate good food. It was a fun trip with lots a great memories made. Hey Hunter, we're thinking about Yosemite next year- how do you feel about that?

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