Friday, August 26, 2011

He IS......!

Hunter turned this in as homework today. Drew wrote something similar ealier this year about his love of band.


I marched in the scorching heat of the day hoisting my sousaphone with pride.

I belted out the numbers of the counts given.

I held my sousaphone as if it was mounted upon a statue of gold.

I raced toward my water bottle in search of hydration and dashed back as soon as I could to perfect my marching style.

I powered through the torturous pain in order to build up the finest muscle in order to hold my sousaphone up.

I focused with laser like precision toward the band directors.

I practiced day in and day out twenty four seven so I would not let my fellow band members down.

I visualized some of the finest bands in the nation from the Cavaliers to our own Langham Creek Band.

I persevered through the toughest of practices and remembered the happiest of laughs, I am a Langham Creek Band member.

Hunter and Joe last Friday night at the end of Summer Band camp picnic and "show your parent what you learned"

Hunter's the middle tuba. I love I'll be able to see/follow him of the field. Drew is always lost in a sea of trombones!

Drew and Joe. He's wearing the same light blue and white hat again this year, it's one way I can spot him in the crowd :)

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