Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Recap

The weekend started off with an impromptu trip to see the movie "Eagle Eye".
I think everyone gave it a thumbs up. Of course the party couldn't end- so we went to Academy, had band practice and a sleepover.
To watch the videos, press mute on the music I've added.

Saturday Da'Baby Bear had a scrimmage- he had some great plays

He's # 33

We came home to a hurricane flash back- NO POWER for 2 hours!!
Saturday night we went to the varsity game. We lost 28-39

# 32 played

Saturday night we had another sleepover-
Sunday morning our guest made us breakfast!

Sunday ended with the youth group going to a super cute ice cream shop.

And we got the BEST news ..

ATT&T Uverse upgraded everyones system.

Now we can watch all our recorded shows on ANY TV in the house!!

How was your weekend?


A Sassy Chick said...

Sounds like a good busy to me!

Mother Goose said...

Love your weekend! Drew Hunter and Ryan you are going to be a band someday and your moms are going to sing .....

Anonymous said...

Nice!!! I wish I had free upgraded TV. Sounds like all is well! Miss you all!