Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sweet Memories of East Texas Old & New

Papa Bear and I have fond memories of East Texas. It's were we met,
"fell" for each other and where he asked me to marry him.
I sing in a Praise Band at Church. One of the members is from
a small town in East Texas and has always wanted our band to play
at his parents church. What better time than a 3 day weekend!
Kids who wished they lived on a ranch.

Feeding the catfish

Saturday night we went to their "Ranch"
for some great food and Southern Hospitality.
Thank You, we had a great time!!

Bright and early Sunday morning we went to sing at this church.

These two sat in the loft.

"Blessed Be Your Name"
Let's call this my before picture-
No, I'm not unhappy, just concentrating

These were our Awesome hosts
Ms. J. and the Divine Ms. T.

This is D. he arranged everything. He's married to Ms. J.
Thanks for eveything, you took great care of us!

These nice people fed us lunch
We took the Papa Bear's truck. He's been dying to get it
on the road. It rained bugs- glad my new car was safe at home!

Before our drive home we stopped at the local Walmart to pick up
supplies (tons of H2O) for Hurricane Gustav- more on that none event tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Goldilocks... you make my heart soar ! Papa Bear, Baby Bear and Teen Bear you are inspirations !