Monday, October 13, 2008

Teen Lingo

Frizzle-Dizzle Yo= you're right
No "s" at the end of a word only "z"
Skillet Bisket= friend
Dawg= friend
Funkless= not cool
Home Slice= family member you like
Pownage= object that is awesome
Powned= someone who's been defeated at their own game
Uber= awesome
Uber Pownage= ultra awesome
Coolio= cool
Lazer Awesome= highest level of awesome
Iron Man= someone with braces
Brotha Cheese= friend
Frizzle= really?
Dublin= Dr. Pepper in a glass bottle
Po-po= police
Indeed= answer to any question you weren't listening to

1 comment:

Snow White said...

Ryan would like to add:
NOOB-person that's not very good at something.