Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Recap - Picture less Edition

Picture less Because I live with BOYS!!!
and you can't always count on them to take pictures
So lets call it what it is a journal. So sit back for a story.
It started Thursday at the bus stop-Baby Bear got in the car, with 3 other kids (Teen bear stays after school on Thursday for band sectionals/private lesson-so he wasn't one of the 3.)
Baby Bear says he doesn't feel good-I ask whats wrong-he's doubled over and says he doesn't want to talk. Before we make it a block BABY BEAR IS THROWING UP!! ALOT!! IN MY NEW CAR! The 3 evacuate and are graciously very supportive. He got sick 5 more times Thursday night and spent Friday on the couch. Luckily his football game was cancelled because of wet fields. I think he ate something bad at lunch- he never had any other symptoms.

Friday afternoon Papa came home! His time in Canada is over! Both kids were supposed leave for San Antonio and Fiesta Texas Friday night with their church youth group but, baby being sick didn't.

Saturday by the afternoon baby bear is feeling better and goes to the movies with a friend. My Praise Band had a Gig Saturday night- Papa forgot the camera- actually he never thought about bringing it! No pictures.

Sunday teen bear came home- he had a good time. He did take his camera and took 3 in the car. No pictures.
Tune in tomorrow- I'll be posting Canada part II pictures and Da'Ole Bear is coming back for 2 football games- one being tomorrow night! Hope you had a good weekend too!

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