Sunday, April 5, 2009

Waiter, We need our check

"I'm not your waiter!"

"Then why are you dressed so nice?"

"I have a U.I.L. concert today and.....I'm just fancy like that."

"Oh, U.I.L.- Uniform Investigation League?"

"No! University Interscholoashtic League"

The Music Program of the UIL is designed to support and enrich the teaching of music as an integral component of the public school curriculum in the state of Texas. Each year approximately one half million middle school, junior high and high school students reap the benefits of participation in the ten UIL music events.

"Oh.....How did you do?"

"Super Special Awesome. We got the highest score possible on all 3 songs. We also had to sight read. We had 7 minutes to look over music we had never seen before."

"Cool, How did you do?"

"We got the highest score."


"How did you celebrate?"

"Asian style, we went to Pei Wei"

PS- "You can find me in the back row center to the right of the director's baton"

The Steppes of Russia

Serengeti Dreams- Commonly know as "Spaghetti Dreams"

Winchester March


Snow White said...

WAITER! There's a fly in my soup.

Mother Goose said...

WOW ! Drew so proud of you. You bust my buttons... Love Grandma