Friday, April 24, 2009

A week ago today.......

The weather was like this:

Papa Bear was in another city trying to get home to go here:

To spend the weekend with these crazy kids:

At a church Retreat called "Break Thru" with music led by this guy:

At 4:30pm on schedule, 3 cars loaded with 20 plus kids left for camp without Papa Bear. He didn't make it home until 1am! Short story: He was to be on a 3:30pm flight "to make sure and get home on time" he changed it to 11:45am. The rain kept comin', the flight kept getting pushed back until finally at 6:30pm it was cancelled. He rented a car and drove home. That 3:30 flight he was originally on-it left at 6pm! He's not bitter.

So, Saturday morning he drove to the camp.

"Ain't No Party Like a Holy Ghost Party, Cause a Holy Ghost Party Don't Stop!"

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