Saturday, May 16, 2009


"Come-on-I-want-to play-ya" or 6th grade field day on steroids or an epic tale of 2 hours, heat, water, oatmeal, cooking oil, fruit, a dunk tank, 200 kids, 20plus events-6 minutes at each and fun, fun, fun!!!! Grab some sunscreen and a bottle of water. By the time this post is over YOU might be dehydrated, have a sunburn and need a nap from being in the sun for so long! I'm just sayin'.

Mr. H. and his group.

1st stop the dunk tank!

then the oatmeal

too much oatmeal fun and a mom letting them know it! Really?

Miss D. playing in a cooler of water.


Darn those oily tries

Dry swimming?

Watermelon... anyone, anyone?? Side note, this lovely lady picked sneezy, baby bear and hers SLW esquire up from the movies at oh, about 7pm. It's almost 11:30, I guess he's spending the night?? Thanks Miss W.!!

What a difference a year makes- check out these picture of what they were up to a year ago.

Guess they didn't get the memo on having "too much" oatmeal fun.

Snow, in the middle, had the posh job of being the "gatekeeper"

I think she took her job alittle too seriously. OK Snow, well done, you did a good job! You can let them go now.


How come when asked to perform, they NEVER do?! If you have an upcoming 6th grader I HIGHLY recomend the job of timekeeper. Last year I did it with a pro (there are only 2 postions) and it was the first thing I signed up for at orientation. You can follow your child, if he/she will let you, and blow an air horn every 6 minutes. About half way through with all the excitement and heat I ran for cover. Don't you wish you were here?

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Mother Goose said...

What an awesome day you all must have had... Looks like a whole lotta fun !