Monday, January 3, 2011

Sweet Home Chicago Part I

We've spent a few Christmas' in Chicago, Joe's hometown. Like the year Drew was born, we were living in Moscow, Russia and had plans to got to Elot, Israel for the holiday when we realized because of a surgery, Joe's dad had NEVER held our precious bundle of joy. So, we hopped a plane and surprised them Christmas Eve.

And 3 years earlier-

It was my first "white" Christmas. Me and my sweet SIL MB blowing in the wind to see our breath.

Fast forward to 2010 the forecast was promising a big snow, with lots of family activities and a car begging for a road trip.

Columbia, Mo at Kat's graduation.

Drew and Hunter's first time in the snow.

hotel fun :)

sweet niece H and her mom-

who scrapped our car clean of snow in freezing temperatures and outfitted our kids for the week so they won't freeze! That's just the beginning, wait until you meet Jorge!

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