Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We Headed to the Big "D" and I don't mean Dallas!

Last weekends competion in Duncanville ended this year's marching season. They came in 11th out of 23 other bands. This not being a state year, means that the show is usually more theatrical. Which LCHS band is not! According to Drew and Hunter, they are a marching band with precision.

Sunday, Joe and I headed home to get ready for our church's "trunk or treat". We were supposed to set up a beach theme for Drew to sit and pass out candy. Half way home we found out the band was running behind. Sooooo, I passed out the candy!

Dressed as Santa! One guy said I should have been Wal-Mart!

Monday night Hunter dressed in his go-to "Justin Beiber" outfit and went out with a sweet girl in a morf suit. Drew grabbed his banana and hotdog costumes and trick or treated with friends.

Having no kids at home, guess what Joe and I did? Closed every drape, turned off the lights and pretended we weren't home. BEST Halloween ever!

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