Friday, March 30, 2012

Drew's Epic Paper

This was the title of his word document.  He's trying out for Drum Major today. He decided before spring break and at the time there was more than a hand full of contenders.  At a meeting about the job description and learning how to conduct he found out there would only be 4. The drum major from last year and 3 new recruits. Of the four, two will be chosen.  Since there's a good chance last years DM will be one, she is great, he's got a 1 in 3 shot.

The process is as follows:

Conduct a band with a piece of music they provide in advance.
March and Conduct in a pattern. They've chosen for them to march in the formation of a sword.
Be interviewed by Directors and other outside people they bring in to judge.
Be voted on by peers
Write a paper saying why you're interested.

This is what Drew wrote:   

For as long as I have been in the Langham Creek band I have heard about the trombones of old. I want to be a DI because I want next year to be the year that people look back on as a model for future trombone sections. I want to be a Drum major because I want the same for the band as I do for the trombones, to be the model for future bands. I think I would be perfect for DI or Drum Major because I care about achieving these goals. For example on the marching field the past two years in the trombone sections there was a lot of time that was wasted by waiting in between reps therefore losing valuable practice.
Of my DI’s and Drum Majors the past two years I can pick out qualities that I like and want to replicate for myself. Anthony Harris always gave something to work on as well as new ways to look at a concept. Michael Greenburg would show up to every practice energized and giving it 110% all the time. Elijah Ramos provided a good model for marching and behavior. Kevin Land was a great teacher because he was patient and went the pace needed for whoever he was helping. Edward Alcantara would not only help those who ask, but he would also seek out the chance to help others out. These are the qualities that I would try to have as a DI or Drum Major.

No matter the out come it's win/win.  He loves band and would like to be drum major but would like even more to march and play his instument next year.

A friend posted the best quote of facebook today ...."every accomplishment starts with a decision to try".

We are so proud Drew made the decision to try!

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Andrea said...

YAY DREW! When will we know?????