Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Junior High Mission Trip Summer 2009

So we went on our first mission trip last week....the whole family. We caravaned 4 hours north to a sweet church outside Forth Worth.

Our mission for the week was to repair homes were residents need some extra help. Our church had 4 teams each lead by an adult.

Papa and T. Bear were on the same team, this was their house "before"

Did he mow the WHOLE yard?

Sneezy was on the team too!

and so was our sweet friend "G"

The finished product.

My job along with Snow and 2 other ladies was to cook for the camp of a 150 kids/adults. The menu was set- we just had a buy everything and cook it. Snow took lots of great pictures of our purchases, look for her to post soon too. We learned it's about $2500 to feed a group that size for a week.

Every night we had great Praise and Worship- Our group is the one swaying. B.Bear is in the blue.

This is were the guys slept.

Everyday the kids got to come back to and awesome youth facility.


Trey said...

Great post, Goldi! That seems like months ago already!!!! Kelly wanted a group picture for the newsletter. Is that everyone in that picture? I only had pics with some. If so, send her the pic.

Miss you!

A Sassy Chick said...

It's times like this that I really wish we lived closer. You Rock!