Monday, June 15, 2009

We're No Hilton

I have a theory about business travelers: It's that they have an unrealistic view of how a home runs. I say this because I witnessed it first hand 2 years ago at a very nice Homewood suite in Fairfax, Virginia.

Business travelers were greeted each day with "good morning" by bright and smiling employees. They had a complimentary breakfast bar that I could never live up to. Employees scurried around making sure everyone's experience was perfect. I actually saw a guy saying goodbye to an employee and overheard him saying that he "was trying to come back next week"!

While the business traveler was at work their room is cleaned, clothes pressed and bed turned down.

I say all of this because for the past 2 1/2 years Papa Bear has done alot of traveling and been in alot of hotels. At his last hotel- he left his clothes, came home on the weekends and when he returned Sunday nights half of the time his clothes were already in his room.

Today is a turning point for him, he started a new job that requires ALOT less being away from home.

He will not each morning be greeted with a warm breakfast and a smile.

He will not have his room cleaned daily.

He will not daily have his clothes cleaned and pressed and his closet will look like this:

Because I am not a PAID employee! I am a desperate housewife and the bellboys are 2 teenage uninterested in anything "clean" or cheerful.

Say a prayer for all of us- it's going to be an adjustment!

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