Tuesday, July 14, 2009

25 Things

I wrote them but never posted on Facebook. Here they are for your reading enjoyment.

25 Things about me- in no particular order

1. Despite having 3 dogs & 1 cat- I am not at ALL an animal person, it’s not in my DNA.
2. I have lived in the south for half my life and still feel like a visitor. At what point do I consider myself a Southerner and start saying “y’all”?
3. Joe & I met in a small East Texas town. He moved there for his job, I moved there for a guy who was just a vessel for us to meet.
4. I always thought I would raise girls. But, the 2 boys I was blessed with are all the girl I’ll ever need.
5. I went to school and worked in retail with Gwen Stefani from “No Doubt” and have the pictures to prove it.
6. I’ve been married for 18 years in May. Joe planned the whole wedding in his hometown; I just had to show up.
7. I love loading up our SUV with kids and listening to them talk, you find out the best stuff!
8. I love cookie dough and cake mix batter. Sometimes the kids and I will make it just to eat it!
9. I don’t scrapbook, instead I have a blog: dorman4.blogspot.com
10. I love being a blonde but sometimes wonder if I’d get more respect if I were a brunette.
11. I’ve always sung in some sort of choir/band.
12. Hi my name is Tiffany, I am a magazineaholic. I think I have to try every beauty product advertised.
13. I miss our old suburban and wish it was in the garage.
14. After Christmas I like to start thinking/planning about all the fun places we’ll go next year.
15. I love Brighton’s new charms & bracelets.
16. As a kid I hated camping, now I love it. It’s all about the infrastructure!
17. I accept I live with boys and all that entails.
18. Thinking about them going off to college sends us into a fetal position, but we are looking forward to being a couple again.
19. When Drew was a baby, people would say “enjoy this time, it flies by” I didn’t believe them. Now I do.
20. I love playing canasta with Trey, Andrea & Joe. No one is more fun than those 3.
21. I love all things Southern Living at Home.
22. My favorite date is at home with the family watching movies.
23. I love Southwest Airlines. I love to play the game of getting the best fares. Sometimes I buy return tickets before I purchase the departures. They don’t charge for baggage or tickets changes. In return, I’ll live with not having an assigned seat.
24. I would move anywhere with Joe on a moments notice…. heard of Baku, Azerbaijan?
Maybe I am Southern- I used some form of the word 4X.

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Snow White said...


And I think I have heard you say "fixin to...." once or twice so THAT makes you a Southerner my friend!