Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oh Snap!

B.Bear's week at camp was cut short last week when HE BROKE HIS RIGHT ARM! While waiting his turn to ski- he was skateboarding. He came down a ramp and the board came out from underneath him. It was obviously broken-he said it was bent at a 120 degree angle. The counselors quickly made a sling out of a pizza box, duct tape and caution tape and got him to an urgent care for x-rays. We are so appreciative the counselors that took care of him-it was 8 hours before we saw him. And when we did, he was not in pain and happy!

Other than that, he had a GREAT week, he loved the theme, his cabin and his counselors. They couldn't have taken better care of him. We HIGHLY recommend TBARM or Camp Travis to anyone thinking of sending their kids to camp.

B. Bear and one of his counselors M. a pre-med students a A&M-Could he have been in better hands? He's having surgery tomorrow to correct his arm-please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He's in great spirits and looking forward to tomorrow, getting a case and being on the road to recovery.

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