Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Road is Long......

When you're on it looking for your soulmate. Aunt H. found hers from the same place I found mine....the midwest. They were sealed last week at this pretty place.

Waiting for them to make their was HOT.

Some of us were melting...

At last....

The new Mr. and Mrs. K.

Meet the Parents

After pictures we headed over to a spot to have the ring ceremony. While we were waiting for everyone da' bears took the opportunity to play "Yankee Swap". They were giving Mother Goose and Da'Ole Bear their Mothers and Fathers Day presents.

It was STILL hot. Looking at the Bride and Groom you would have never known it, they were cool as cucumbers.

After the ring cermenoy we headed over to a super cute house that's been converted into a resturant. Stay tuned for more. Tomorrow's post was Da' Bears favortie stop!

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Andrea said...

WOW! Sweet pictures:-) Congrats to H and hubby:-) I laughed when I saw you sitting on grass.....HA!
Love, Snow