Monday, December 8, 2008

2008 Christmas Tour of Homes

OK everyone- On December 15Th let's all blog pictures of our houses decorated for Christmas so we can see each others decorations! It’s like an Open House, but since it’s on the Internet you get to experience the Open House while you’re wearing your pajamas and drinking hot chocolate.


Snow White said...

Can I borrow you on Dec. 14 for something? It should only take you a few hours.

Goldilocks said...

Is it going to hurt?

Anonymous said...

Snow told me about your challenge. I don't have a blog (and of course she says..."oh, it's no big's easy...blah, blah, blah") and I don't have time to have a blog but I guess I'm going to have to get one because I want to do the open house. If it's really as easy as she says, game on!
Queenie (just to keep up with the niece says I'm mean as a snake...sort of like the evil step mother...and the girls take turns calling themselves "Cindy" short for Cinderella because they think I'm so mean!)

A Sassy Chick said...

Game on! :)
Love you!!