Thursday, December 11, 2008

Concert I Winter Concert

PSA-This post has been in the works since Wednesday! After days of trying to download video of the concert with NO success, I've conceded to just post pictures.

Teen Bear had his much anticipated winter concert Tuesday night- he's been talking about it for weeks. He is 3rd chair trombone. He advised us where to sit and hoping to get a great view on him-our camera was charged and ready-not something we can always say. This is what we saw:

Which reminds me of this -

With the peeps-

No, D'Ole Bear is not sweating with excitement- it's a shadow!


Melissa P. said...

Love the reference to Tool Time! That's exactly how it was for us. Didn't you just love the concert?! I wish they all performed the same night so that we can see and hear everyone. What a way to get in the spirit of Christmas!

Goldilocks said...

I agree- I would have loved to see everyone perform together.